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Joint-venture between PCS and Comin Asia


PCS and Comin Asia officially celebrated their joint-venture for the Thai and Vietnamese markets on last December, 15th. The celebrations took place at the Four Wings Hotel in Bangkok. This partnership gives Comin Asia the opportunity to bring its M & E expertise to PCS now capable to provide in-house Total Facilities Management Services. Following the heavy floods that hit central Thailand and Northern Bangkok areas at the end of the year, PCS & Coming Asia have been providing flood recovery services to customers such as factories, retail businesses and individual houses.

Solar Systems for 7 health centres of Kandal Province, Cambodia


The French NGO Electriciens Sans Frontières (ESF) financed and sent a team of competent electricians for the supervision and commissioning of Solar Systems in 7 different health centres in Kandal Province, Cambodia. Comin Khmere was in charge of the installation of Solar Pumping and Solar Power Systems. The work was completed successfully in January 2011. Most of Cambodian off-grid dispensaries are still underequipped or using in-efficient equipment. These new Solar Systems will not only improve the condition of the premises but will also bring savings on the budget allocated to water and electricity which are both supplied free for now. Comin Khmere has also signed a 3-year maintenance contract with the Health Centre.