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Celebrate Vietnam Woman Day

Vietnam, 20 oct. 2013 I CominAsia has organized a short strip for all lady in the company to celebrate the Vietnam Woman Day. This is one of activities of CominAsia Trade Union to make all employees get closer and have happy moments together after their hard working time.


Full M&E package installation of Ariston factory – Bac Ninh, Vietnam Project from 7th March 2013 to 25th September 2013

Ariston project is reaching completion and Comin Vietnam is very proud of having provided premium mechanical & electrical contracting services. Top-notch project management team guaranteed delivery of all equipments on a timely fashion even allowing various changes required by customer. Such comprehensiveness was rewarded by our kind client who offered to sign a recommendation letter.

A permanent monitoring on site for Safety conditions by Comin team not only raised the local standards but also allowed  us to reach our corporate safety goal: ZERO accident.