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Engineering In Focus: Comin Asia

Following the success of our fabrication facility in Phnom Penh, and the current growth and success in Myanmar, Comin Asia is opening a new fabrication facility in Yangon to cater for the growing demand.

|| Comin Asia provides international high added value and innovative engineering solutions to the Southeast Asian region

This facility will be sized for the daily processing of three tons of GI sheet, similar to the existing capacity in Phnom Penh. With a minimum of 20 permanent staff, it will also act as an international training centre, not only for duct fabrication specialists, but also for duct installers, on site, welders, plumbers, electricians and fire fitters. In conjunction with the opening of this new facility, Comin Asia are upgrading additional machinery to produce spiral and flexible duct along with the existing rectangular product. This machinery will be deployed both in Phnom Penh and Yangon.

|| A flexible circular duct machine

All equipment is computer driven, with CNC integrated software directly interfaced with 3D BIM shop drawings ensuring the highest productivity and the most accurate production management. This technology also ensures the best usage for raw material along the fabrication line, with the computer optimising the nesting of all cutouts on the GI sheet, while maintaining a higher speed of production. Comin Asia will also install a line of fabrication for aluminum flexible ducts, which will come as a complement to their GI fabrication. Traditionally, ventilation and air conditioning ducts have been manufactured with rectangular cross sections. The rectangular duct can easily be adapted. For instance, restricted ceiling voids and plant rooms, however, often at the cost of efficient airflow design and possible cost savings.

|| Circular duct intallation

A circular duct system normally performs better and offers a more economical solution. Spiral duct work is “green cubed” and is a far more sustainable product for the environment – it saves “green money” for contractors, and for building owners, who can save up to 30 percent on fan energy. Established as Comin Khmere in 1960 in Cambodia, Comin Asia now has more than 1,200 employees within a network of six offices spread across Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, and provides international high added value and innovative engineering solutions.

Kone Lift Product Seminar 2017

Product Seminar 12th July 2017

We had a great success conducting KONE product seminar on Wednesday 12th July 2017 at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra hotel with participant from our dignity guest over 50 peoples. The event organized by Comin Khmere cooperated with KONE regional offices from Thailand and Singapore. Our guests from various professions such as designer, architect, consultant, constructor and property developers, are very happy to acquaint new knowledge about product feature and new technology. KONE provides new ways of working and serving users smarter and more exciting ways in respond to the growth of urban life and modern building to achieve better design, better eco-efficiency and better ride comfort. Comin Khmere has been an exclusive distributor of KONE products in Cambodia more than 10 years. We installed around 370 units of elevators and escalators in many commercial, Residential, hospitality, transportation and industrial buildings mainly in three locations, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Our main projects such as AEON shopping mall, Casa Meridian condominium, Gred One Park mixed use development, Phnom Penh international airport, just to name a few. Comin Khmere technicians received training from KONE specialist regularly and capable to conduct installation, maintenance and service with focus on Safety and Quality that are the main commitment from both companies, KONE and Comin Khmere.

TVET’s Day 2017 at Koh Pich

Career Forum by TVET

On 3rd July 2017 the Ministry of Labour & Vocational Training held a TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) ‘day at KohPich Convention and Exhibition center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Attendance was very good with the participation of around 7000 job seekers. The event was presided over by HE ITH SAM HENG, Minister of state at the ministry of labour and vocational training. The TVET fair is a platform offering job opportunities to students and other job seeker’s, giving them the opportunity to meet with preferred employer’s and companies looking for staff. TVET’s day 2017 was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, and co-organized by the Cambodia ministry of Education Youth and Sport, AYRA, NEA, Union of youth federations of Cambodia, supported by Ministry economic and finance, Comin Khmere and 31 private companies. According to TVET’s the event had nearly 2,500 positions available. Comin Khmere received many CVs during the fair, and a number of CVs have since been submitted via its web site every day.

Crown Khmer Beverage Cans Manufacturing Facilities Project

Crown Phnom Penh – Phase3


Comin Khmere recently completed MEP work with Crown Khmer Beverage Cans Ltd., manufacturing facilities in Phnom Penh including supply, design, installation, testing and commissioning. Crown Holdings, Inc. has three plants base in Cambodia. Construction of a 39,150 square meter, 2 floors industrial purpose building began in August 2015, and was completed June 2016. Scope of works included but was not limited to: – Plumbing, Wastewater Treatment, Drainage, Sanitary fixtures, cold water supply, pipe and Valves, Booster pump, and lifting pumps. – Fire sprinkler and Hydrant system, Diesel fire pumps, Jockey pump, and Control, Fire extinguishers, Hydrant cabinets and Pillar hydrants. – HVAC system: 2 groups of VRF equipment, Cassette FCU, PAU, Exhaust/Fresh Air Fans, Refrigerant pipe, Insulation, ducting with insulation, Grilles, and louvers. – LV, Electrical System: Sub- Panel boards, Cable containment (HDG. Cable tray/trunking, uPVC/EMT/IMC and fittings), Main/Sub Power cables, Indoor Lighting, Highbay lighting, Flood light, Street Lighting, and Wiring Devices. – ELV, Electrical System: Fire Alarm Control Panel, Smoke/Heat Detector, Cable containment, Fire rated cable, PABX, RACK, Data switch, Cable containment, Telephone/data cables, CCTV and Access Control Equipment.