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Last weekend on Saturday 10th February Comin Khmere prepared and conducted a full-day (7:30am to 5:00pm) workshop, Knowledge Sharing, at Phnom Penh Hotel.

|| Group Photo before the workshop start

Our Contracting Division Manager, Mr. Foong, was the host and trainer of this program supported by the team of Project Managers. There were a total of 84 participants ranging from Site Supervisors, Site Managers to Project Managers and other related functions. The purpose of this workshop was to share the knowledge and experiences to all staff regarding the process, structure, and workflow in M&E Contracting and for them to understand their role and the role of other departments in the business as a whole. In addition, we wanted them to have the opportunity to share best practices, learn from their colleagues and develop their overall level of professionalism. It was also a great opportunity to get all the site teams together and further develop our strong culture of team spirit.

|| The total of 84 participants and full day workshop

According to the survey after the workshop, it was a great success as most of the staffs enjoyed the program, and at the same time gained new technical knowledge of how to control and site activities more effectively. The workshop was a lively interactive session. Foong advised at the outset that the atmosphere was informal and encouraged questions from the floor at any time. There was a very high level of participation from all attendees and questions raised were answered from different perspectives by Foong, the various senior PM’s and managers in the room.

|| Question and answer during the workshop

Comin Asia run various formal training courses throughout the year and this type of informal Knowledge Sharing workshop compliments the formal training while enhancing our team spirit, collaboration and sense of ownership of all employees. It was a great success and has encouraged the management to ensure more of these will be organized in the future.