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R.I.P Our Respected Colleague Denis Gambade

It’s a very sad time for all at Comin Asia, especially those in Comin Khmere. We are mourning the sudden and unexpected death of our Regional Workshop Manager Denis Gambade, who passed away on Sunday 5th July.

|| Mr. Denis Gambage, Regional Workshop Manager

Denis joined Comin in 2010 having already been in Cambodia for almost 10 years. Already fluent in Khmer Denis also brought a high level of technical expertise. Denis led the workshop team in Phnom Penh and helped establish Comin’s offsite fabrication facility as the benchmark in Cambodia.

In the last few years he was integral in the establishment of our offsite fabrication facility in Myanmar and a mobile fabrication facility in Laos.

|| Group photo during management training

Mostly what I will remember of Denis is his strength of character. He is someone I always knew to be straightforward, honest and voiced his ideas and opinions with intelligence and integrity.

He will be missed by all of us in the Comin family and our deepest condolences go out to his friends here in Cambodia and his family back in France.

Michael Freeman

Comin Khmere Awarded Chip Mong Tower MEPF Contract

June 3rd, 2020 Phnom Penh – Comin Khmere, has become the main mechanical and electrical, pumping and fire system (MEPF) operator for the 45-storey Chip Mong Tower

|| Michael Freeman & Okha Leang Khun during signing contract

This was announced at a MEPF contract signing ceremony for the building between Chairman of Chip Mong Group Leang Khun and Vice-President of Comin Khmere Michael Freeman.Chip Mong Tower broke ground in January 2019. The tower is 39 percent complete with an expectation for completion in early 2022. Chip Mong has allocated a budget of approximately $150 million for the project. The land price was around $50 million so the total investment is $200 million.Comin Khmere has been on site for some months already because they have performed MEPF works on the very important sub-structure of the tower. “With this contract signing we begin the critical work of the super-structure,” said Simon Dell, senior vice-president of hotel and hospitality at Chip Mong.

“Comin Khmere is a trusted partner of Chip Mong, shown by the fact they are already working on various projects with us. Perhaps the best known one, as you know, is the Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh, where Comin Khmere are doing most of the main equipment work for us,” said Dell.He added that Comin Khmere’s international standards of operation and its ability to supply and install quality equipment and other MEPF features are the reasons it has again decided to partner with the company.

Khun said the Chip Mong Tower project is running smoothly and its uninterrupted development is a positive sign showcasing that Chip Mong continues to actively participate with the government of Cambodia in the building of a strong economy, displaying a firm investment foundation especially during the global economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19.“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Comin Khmere team for being a trusted and responsible contractor to deliver results following international standards and specifications. We have worked together on several projects already. We are all facing uncertainty because of the recent global pandemic. CominKhmere always show us persistent, flexibility of problem-solving, strong commitment of delivering good results,” said Khun.Freeman said the project is another large step in a developing partnership with Chip Mong. “It is our third major project together following the solar installation at Chip Mong Insee Cement Plant in Kampot, the largest private solar system in Cambodia and the first floating solar plant, as well as the soon to be opened Hyatt Regency Hotel in the heart of Phnom Penh,” he said

|| Top Management Group Photo after signing the contract

“Our commitment to our client, to our people and to delivering quality makes us fully aligned in vision and values with Chip Mong and we look forward to delivering another successful project together and hopefully many more in the future.”“We have had no project stoppages or suspensions and no slippages on the timeline. Our teams have worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of our supply chain, our operation and our project sites while leading the way in mitigation and safety measures to reduce any risk to our staff and our clients. At this time of great challenges and uncertainty, to be celebrating a long-term partnership agreement is extremely heartening to me and my team, both personally and professionally.”

104kW Solar PV System Completed on the Roof of Comin Khmere’s Building

Comin Khmere has been the leading contractor in rooftop solar in Cambodia for the past 5 years. Since our first projects in 2013 Comin has installed over 20 Mega Watt of rooftop solar across the country, including the largest private solar facility in the country – CMIC’s installation totals 10Mega Watt and includes 2 Mega Watt of floating solar – a first for Cambodia.

|| Engineer during site inspection

The benefits of rooftop solar are actively promoted by our solar and business development teams when approaching the market. Cost savings, reduced carbon footprint and brand image are all benefited by rooftop solar. As such, we were very keen to implement our own advice and reap the benefits internally.

A total of 315 solar panels cover most of the main roof and could produce 104kW. The system is expected to reduce the total energy consumption about 30 to 40%, saving approximately 20-25k USD per annum. The payback time is about 4 years. However, the solar panels will at least produce power for the next 25 years.

After the installation was completed, the solar team coordinated with EDC (Electricitie du Cambodge) for a commissioning and energization inspection and the system was approved and put in to operation on 9 April 2020.

“I’m very proud to have this installation energized at Comin Khmere Headquarters. We are strong advocates of solar in the market and it’s great that we are now benefiting from our own system. We can also use this to provide real data information for prospective clients and to carry out case studies in efficiency and optimized maintenance.” said Michael Freeman.

|| Installation completed

Michel Cassagnes, managing director of Archetype Cambodia, an important partner of Comin Khmere, highlighted the importance of safety practices implemented at the building to the students.

Congratulations to the solar team and all those who supported this effort over the last few months.

Comin Khmere supported a site visit from a group of students studying Construction Law

Comin Khmere, a subsidiary of Comin Asia Group and one of the country’s leading engineering solutions provider helps drive the understanding of construction best practices, focusing particularly on safety and quality.

|| Michel Cassagnes draft overal before bring student to site

In line with the government’s goal to promote safety at construction site, Comin Khmere had supported the organization of a study tour where 8 Phd students majoring in law at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) got to visit Sathapana Tower, a Grade A building along Norodom Boulevard.

Complying with the highest safety and quality standards this 19-storeys building is under construction and set to be Sathapana Bank’s New Headquarters when completed in 2020.

|| A group student during visiting site

Charles Amar, lawyer at the Paris’ Bar, law professor at Rule and Head of the Real Estate Practice Group at DFDL Cambodia, who led the study tour, applauded the study tour supported by Comin Khmere.

“It is a great opportunity and an honor for law students to visit a construction site of high rise office building with international standards that priorities safety when implementing the work at construction site,” he said. “The students were therefore able to learn more about the construction standards and health safety and how it works in practice and why it is important to draft a construction contract”.

|| Michel Cassagnes introduce student during site visit

Michel Cassagnes, managing director of Archetype Cambodia, an important partner of Comin Khmere, highlighted the importance of safety practices implemented at the building to the students.

“This is a Grade A standard building, which is the highest standard, so every design and construction of the building is done very carefully from quality to building safety,” he said.

This was the first time, Comin Khmere supported for such a study tour we believe it benefited the future construction leaders of Cambodia and as such we would be happy to welcome a group again in the future and we are thankful to professor Charles Amar for selecting one of our projects as the benchmark of quality and safety in Cambodia.