Renewable Energy


To answer the challenges and opportunities related to sustainable development, Comin Asia created in 2008 a Renewable Energy Division dedicated to clean and efficient energy. We provide renewable energy solutions including photovoltaic solar systems, solar water heating, solar pumping, solar water purification, wind turbines, hydro-electrical and biomass/biogas solutions for urban and remote areas in Cambodia. We also provide energy saving appliances in AC and DC, including a complete range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, low consumption refrigerators and televisions. The Renewable Energy Division carries out analysis, design, installation, training and maintenance for renewable energy systems all over Asia.



Solar energy systems

We have a variety of solar energy systems available in a range of sizes. We start with a basic 20 Watts system and move to systems with much higher capacities like 5kW and up. These can be used to power lighting and basic appliances including radios, televisions, and VCD players. These systems can also be used in hotels, ecolodges, offices, farms and schools.


Energy saving lighting

We offer a complete range of energy saving lighting solutions that provide 20% to 90% savings. There are LED or fluorescent solutions for all types of indoor or outdoor lighting, including street lights.


Back up systems with AC inverter and batteries

Battery back up systems can be a very interesting alternative to generators when the grid power is not reliable. They can also be used for off-grid applications to prevent starting a generator when the power needs are low, enabling fuel savings without any noise. A pure sine wave inverter converts the direct current produced by the batteries and ensures the batteries will charge when the grid power or a generator is on.


Water pump systems

Our solar water pumps have higher efficiency and lower pumping costs in the long term than other standard pumps. They can pump up to 150,000 liters per day and work with DC voltage. The main applications are water supply and drip-pipe irrigation for cash crops production. A solar pumping system includes a pump, a controller, a solar array and a water tank for water storage.


Solar water purification

We offer hardware that produces drinking water from untreated water through solar energy. Untreated water is filtered, discolored, and sterilized by UV treatment. Chemicals like arsenic or lead can also be removed through optional filters. It can produce up to 4500 liters of drinking water per day, which is enough to satisfy the needs of more than 1000 people.


Solar water heating

We provide solar water heaters (180-10,000 liters) for hotels, resorts or private houses. The system includes an insulated tank, vacuum tube heat collectors and water pipes. They are reliable, efficient, and can heat water up to 75°C, keeping it hot for 3 days. In case of very cloudy days, an optional electrical back-up system can be installed.

Why us ?

Comin Asia has over 20 years of experience within Cambodia and is the Kingdom’s largest engineering solutions provider. The strength of Comin Asia and its partners ensures financial durability and excellent technical expertise for our division in the renewable energy market. Whether we install solar systems or design comprehensive projects and programs, Comin Asia Renewable Energy Division’s expertise is built upon quality human resources including educated local Engineers and Technologists as well as supportive international experts. With excellent connections to the world’s leading manufacturers, the Renewable Energy Division offers a wide range of solar energy products and has become a leading distributor for the region.