Water and Wastewater Treatment


Comin Asia’s plumbing system started more than 20 years ago. Combining design, engineering, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning, we enjoy a reputation for leadership in the region with regard to the reliability and quality of our products and services.

For more specific expertise, Comin Asia teams up with the best specialists and is able to make a global offer where quality, safety and performance are the driving forces. Our projects in various sectors, spanning from hotels, resorts and offices to residential, industrial, education, health, environmental, power, transport, institutional and retail sectors.


• Cold and hot water production and distribution
• Sewage water and pumping system
• Storm water and pumping system
• Water treatment plant installation and piping works
• Waste water treatment plant installation and piping works
• Equipment installation and water treatment for swimming pools
• LPG/Gas systems

why us?

Comin Asia has built an advanced know-how to install and select for plumbing equipment. Also, with great technical capabilities, our technical engineers ensure the selection and installation, distribution and testing equipment either from local or international suppliers for cost-effective implementations.

Enjoying a strong local presence, Comin Asia stays in close touch with its clients, guaranteeing an optimal level of service and providing technical assistance and after-sales service. Comin Asia is able to offer one-stop shop solutions for plumbing components and run full turnkey projects.

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