Installation, Testing & Commissioning

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We have MEP expertise on costing, planning, engineering, pre fabrication, heavy equipment hoisting, installation, testing and commissioning expertise gained through local projects experience and international experience through our staff. Our standard workflow consists of the following detailed below

Stage 1- Project Planning

1. Set up a workable, project baseline program of works in coordination with project stakeholders both internally (procurement, engineering, project managers/planners) and externally (client representatives civil, structural and other trade contractors).
2. Develop required procurement schedules, engineering deliverables plan and resource plans.
3. Develop Mobilization plans and includes temporary facility setup and coordination.
4. Alignment and coordination with project owners, clients and consultant and ensure a communication plan is set up

Stage 2 – Engineering Deliverables

1. Working drawings, Material submittals and method statements are prepared according to the project program, specifications, contract documents, statutory regulations and local laws
2. The engineering deliverables are submitted to the consultant for approval and also to the local authorities or service authorities where applicable.
3. The above engineering deliverables are prepared well ahead of the related construction works to allow enough time for review and comment by the consultant, or service authority
4. Documents are properly filled, marked and stamped. Revisions are handled properly and only approved, updated documents are allowed to be used for site installation, procurement and inspections.
5. Leverage technologies like BIM (Building Information Modelling) to produce coordinated and produce drawings ready for pre fabrication off site. This saves time and costs on projects

Stage 3 – Installation Stage

1. The project is guided by the project program of works. Regular updates and analysis on program of works are done to ensure delays are flagged and proper measures are taken to manage the critical path.
2. Works are carried out by a team of experienced site personnel under strict supervision and guidance of the concerned engineers/supervisors/foreman following approved Drawings and Method statement
3. Internal Quality Control and Quality Assurance are done on material deliveries and site installation. These checks are done before any external requests for inspections
4. Quality issues and non-conformance are monitored and controlled. A strict timeline on closing corrections are imposed as per strict internal procedures.

5. Pre – commission ability studies and expert review are made to ensure adjustments are made at the early stages of construction. This is to avoid further issues on testing and commissioning at the later stages of the project.

Stage 4- Testing and Commissioning

1. Detailed method statements are prepared specifically identifying the sequence of testing and commissioning works.
2. Detail schedule of activities regarding testing and commissioning is prepared and submitted to the consultant for approval.
3. Based on the Installation Approval the T&C team conducts testing and submits documents to the Consultant for their inspection and approval.

Stage 5 – Handover Stage

1. Detailed Operation and Maintenance Manual is submitted to the consultant for approval.

2. As-built drawings are prepared and submitted to the consultant for approval.

3. On-Site and Off-Site Training is provided to the operation team for the understanding of the system/equipment.

4. Close-out of any defects that have occurred.

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