Consulting, Procurement & Logistics for Major Equipment

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COMIN ASIA provides reliable distributorship solutions and brand management of internationally recognized products from around the world. Trading supports national development by ensuring local access to innovative products and providing product support to major government and internationally funded projects.

COMIN ASIA is structured in market-specific business sections which are driven by expert section managers who are experienced development engineers. These are professionals that have been trained on products by the suppliers themselves.

For greater peace of mind we make the difference and offer these value added services:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Follow-up on projects
  • Turn-key projects: Project Oriented Trading Package
  • Transport -> Installation ->Testing & Commissioning -> After-Sales

A real interface between the end user and the supplier, COMIN ASIA regularly initiates product exhibitions or seminars to provide the end user with the opportunity to meet with the supplier, share information and get training on products and systems.

COMIN ASIA coordinates production site visits for customers. 


COMIN ASIA actively participates in the trading, procurement and marketing of various technical equipment for a wide range of industrial, trade, utility and infrastructure projects.

  • Promotes and distributes equipment from major manufacturers
  • Provides the best solutions for clients based on extensive
    Expertise and knowledge of the local market.
  • Energy
  • Air conditioning & refrigeration
  • Water treatment
  • Power generation & automotive
  • Communication & security
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Land survey and didactic equipment

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    Design & Engineering

    COMIN ASIA covers design, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning in strict compliance with stringent project requirements and deadlines.


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    Installation, Testing & Commissioning

    We have MEP expertise on costing, planning, engineering, pre fabrication, heavy equipment hoisting, installation, testing and commissioning expertise gained through local projects experience and international experience through our staff.


  • Operation & Maintenance

    COMIN ASIA helps our clients to reduce energy consumption, extend the life span of their equipment and prevent breakdowns. We offer preventive and corrective maintenance contracting especially for the service…