Comin Awarded 6,000,000 Man-hours without a Lost-time and Injury record in CMT Project

Big news from our HSE Team at the Chip Mong Tower site project! On 24th December 2022 our CK-HSE-CMT team reached over 6 million man-hours without a lost-time or recordable injury. Here’s a message from our CEO, Ivan KEOGH. 

“I am extremely proud of our most recent accomplishment of achieving 6,000,000 man-hours worked without a lost time or recordable injury. This happens when the team is 100% committed, 100% trained, 100% focused and 100% transparent with our Objective of Target Zero – Safety First, behavior-based safety process. 

I know the hard work and dedication it took to achieve this. It’s all the little things that add up – hour by hour! 6,000,000 Man Hours is exactly what I expected from this great team.” 

While reaching 6,000,000 man-hours is a tremendous and well-earned accomplishment, it is not our pinnacle of success. Our behavior-based safety process is and will always be our norm. 

  • We do not stop striving
  • We do not stop focusing on safety
  • We do not stop being our brother’s and sister’s keeper 

At COMIN our goal is to continue to be “The Safest Industrial Company in Cambodia.” How do we accomplish this? By operating a transparent, behavior-based safety process. 

“We must continue to focus, and to take Team COMINS’ to the next level of higher standard in Asia. The hard work, training, intentionality, and dedication that has brought us to this point… will undoubtedly take us to further. Again, a huge congratulations to the HSE team on this achievement.” 

Stay safe always, 

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