Comin Khmere Tournament 2024

On February 18th, Comin Khmere successfully organized a friendly football tournament, drawing praise and admiration from all participating companies.

Last year, the consultant company Archetype hosted an event called the Friendship Tournament, where eight companies, including Archetype itself, competed for the championship. It was with great merit that Comin Khmere, one of the contestant, emerged victorious. Impressed by their successful determination, Archetype nominated Comin Khmere to lead and organize the event in 2024.

This year, Comin Khmere took on the responsibility of organizing the tournament and invited seven business-related companies to participate including Chip Mong, Artelia, RMA, LBL, Cova, UCB and Archetype. Our courageous team fought relentlessly for the second-place position, while UCB, a prominent construction company, claimed the championship. As part of the tradition, Comin Khmere appointed UCB Construction as the event organizer for the year 2025.

This friendly event showcases the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration among the participating companies, fostering a sense of unity and sportsmanship within the business community.

We would like to thank all contestants for their good spirit and goodwill for making this event memorable.

Here is the Photo Album 

Below is the table of the full match score

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