Chip Mong Tower

Client:  Royal Field Development Co., Ltd

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date:  April 2020

Project Objective: Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of complete M&E works

Scope of works: 

  • Electrical:

Transformer, and Switchgear, MDB, Power Distribution by Panel Boards, VFD, Bus-duct System, Electrical Cabling, Lighting System, Back-up Power by Diesel Generator, Fuel Oil Transfer System, Back-up Power by UPS system, Ligthning Protection, Grounding System, N2 System fire suppression system for electrical component rooms and transformer rooms.

  • Mechanical:

Chilled water system, Chiller Plant Room, Pumps and Cooling Tower, Air-conditioning system, AHU, PAU, Machine rooms and utilityrooms, FCU, Pressurization Fan, Smoke Extract Fan, Kitchen Exhaust Duct, Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Axial Fans, AHU/PAU, and Car Park System. 

  • Firefighting system: 

Fire Protection System, Fire Diesel Pumping System, Staircase Protection, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm System, FACP server, SmokeDetector, Flow Switches, Manual Pull Station.

  • Plumbing:

Domestic Water System, Booster pump, Transfer Pump system, Water Tank. 

  • Telecommunications, Security and ELV:

ELV System, LPG control system, N2 monitoring system, Public Address system, Lighting control system, Nurse Call system, Access control system, RCU Retail Management System, Room Control System for Hotel Part. 

  • BMS:

System control of MVAC, Chiller, Cooling Tower, AHU, FCU, Pumps, Fire Protection and RCU.

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