Sathapana Bank Head Office Building

Client:  Lotte Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date:  December 2018 – February 2021

Project Objective: Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of complete M&E works

Scope of works: 

  • Electrical:

Complete MV, LV and Busduct Systems, Lighting control systems, Earthing and Lightning protection system. Facade & Landscape Lighting system.

  • Mechanical:

Complete Chilled Water systems (Air-cooled Chillers, CHW Pumps, CHW piping network), A/C distribution system, AHU, FCU, PAU, VAV boxes, supply and return duct works, ventilation system – Fans silencers, duct works, control panels. Basement car-parks JET fans push-pull system and exhaust/supply system with CO sensors.

  • Fire Fighting System:

Complete Fire Sprinkler & Fire Hose reels system, Main Fire Pumps, Transfer Pumps, & Hydrant pumps, Fire hydrant system, Fire Alarm system, Fire Intercom system

  • Telecommunications, Security and ELV:

Public Address system, Access Control & Guard tour system, CCTV & CATV system, Car parking guidance system, Telephone & Data system, Car Barrier system.

  • Plumbing System:

Complete Cold Water supply system including Pumps, Pipework, Electrical controls. Sanitary, Drainage and condensate drainage system, Wastewater Treatment system, Kitchen drainage and grease traps, Siphonic system, Surface Water Sump Pumps system.

  • BMS system:

Complete installation of BMS and automatic controls including field sensors, DDC control, Display units, Servers, Computer, UPS, Programming. Fully integrated MEP system to BMS.

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