Lao Coca Cola Bottling

Client: Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
Location: Vientiane, Laos

Date: June 2014 – February 2015

Project Objective: Design, Supply, Installation & Testing and Commissioning

Scope of works: 

  • Transmission Lines

Supply  and  installation  of  24KV  Feeder  from  EDL  power  station  located  at  5km  from  the  site  including  poles,  cabling, switches, arrestors.

  • Electrical System

Supply and installation of MV Switchgear, RMU consisting 1xLBS and 2xfused LBS, Generator, MV cables, Transformer, Containment system, Emergency and lighting system,  PABX,  Telephone  and  Intercom  System,  Access  Control System, CCTV, Fire Alarm System, MVAC System, Earthing and Lightning Protection System

  • MVAC System

Supply and installation of VRF System for Offices, Split System, roof fan, ceiling fan, general exhaust fan

  • Plumbing and Fire Protection System

Supply and installation of Hot & Cold Water System, Sewage and Waste  Water  System,  Fire  Hose  Reel  and  Hydrant  System,  Fire  Suppression  System,  Fire  and  Water  supply  pumps,  sewer  submersible pumps.

  • Production Utility System

Supply and installation of Stainless Pipe Sch.  40,  Type  304L  piping  network  for  Compressed  Air  System,  Black  Steel  Pipe  Schedule  40,  Seamless  piping  network  for  Steam  Line  and  Fuel  system,  Stainless  Pipe  Sch.  40,  Type  304L  piping  network  for  Chilled Water, Production Drainage System using uPVC Pipe and HDPE pipe, Stainless Pipe Sch. 40, Dairy piping network for R.O and Soft water and C.O .2 System

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