American Embassy, Cambodia

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Client:  US States Department – Overseas Building Operation

Location: Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Date:  November 2003 – August 2005

Project Objective:  Construction Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning, Mechanical & electrical works for the construction of the consular office building, utility buildings and external facilities, quarters and access area

Scope of works: 

  • Electrical Works

Two units of 1000 KVA generator, transformer, medium and low voltage switchgear, distribution switchboards, power monitoring system

  • HVAC

Two units of water-cooled centrifugal chillers (capacity 1000 KW), cooling towers & treatment, circulating pumps, air handlings units with filtration system, fan coil units & splits, VAV boxes & exhaust fans

  • Plumbing and Fire Fighting

Drinking water treatment system, booster pumps & circulators, hot water heater systems, sanitary fixtures, waste water treatment plant, irrigation system, UL approved diesel & electric fire pump, sprinklers system, FRP under ground fuel storage tanks and control

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