Naga World FBO Hangar Facility

Client: Aircraft Support Industries

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date: June 2015 – February 2016

Project Type: Fire Protection

Project Objective: Supply, Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of complete Fire Protection System

Scope of works: 

The work is comprise of the following systems and equipment:

Hangar fire suppression systems in accordance with NFPA409-2011 including:

  • Overhead/Roof level foam/water deluge system suitable for a Group I hangar.
  • Fully addressable fire detection and alarm system throughout the hangar and complex.
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system within the Annex.
  • Fire hydrants and hose reels including foam/water fire hose reels within the hangar.
  • Portable fire extinguishers, Fire water storage tanks and associated equipment, fire pumps.
  • Interfaces with security system to release electric door locks/strikes on fire alarm.
  • Required discharge tests (including all materials and consumables) during the commissioning of foam/water suppression system including all works associated with reinstatement of all systems and protective coverings.
  • All required signage for the installed systems.
  • Provision of pipe sleeves and sealing of penetrations, patching, furring and making good after installation of equipment
  • Fire stopping and the provision of fire rated pipe sleeves where required.
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals including as installed drawings and documentation.
  • 12 month testing and maintenance period in accordance with AS 1851 for each system installed.
  • – 12 month warranty defects and liability period.

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